Inscribed in the body Mayan Elders in Poland August 25th-31st 2018

Inscribed in the body – seven plains of existence – Mayan Elders in Poland as guests in Agnieszka’s Sypek Piniak workshop

August 25th-31st 2018 Komorze

The Mayan Elders of Guatemala will be joining us on this journey to share the ancient wisdom of their ancestors contained in the Mayan calendar, ceremonies, rituals, invocations, gestures, and understanding the invisible forces that influence our lives. Deeply embedded in the Mayan culture is the contact with the world of subtle energies, that we call upon in our everyday lives, to help us maintain our health, keep in touch with nature, our own energy and to support us every step of the way.


Papa Pedro Cruz – One of the few living members of the Mayan Elder Council of  Tz’utujil, a branch of Qui-che Maya people

Marina Cruz – Mayan healer and member of the Elder Council, Guardian of Day, herbalist. She conducts Fire, Cocoa and Tobacco ceremonies, mayan sweat lodges. As a propagator of Mayan wisdom, she’s active towards preserving the Mayan language, culture and spirituality. The daughter of Papa Pedro.


In our body, our whole history is written, all of our emotions, relationships, as well as all the answers to the questions we so desperately seek in the outside world. The answer is inside. The body is the temple of the spirit, a magical vessel through which the soul manifests itself, a consciousness of its own. When we treat it with respect, give it the attention and space it needs to grow, we lead a happy, healthy and conscious life.

During our workshops we will be creating the space our whole being needs – our body, emotions, mind and soul.

I invite you to celebrate and discover your authentic self through dance, improvisation, spontaneous movement, finding new forms of self-expression, contact with another human being, fun, experimenting with the body, the space, the rhythms and sounds. To celebrate your uniqueness, your harmony, your authenticity through different forms of working with the body.

I encourage you to experience the adventure of discovering your body’s potential anew, to befriend it, root it and settle in. This workshop gives you the opportunity to fulfill what your body needs, but also to have a closer look at the areas we pushed away into the darkest parts of our subconscious, that hold our greatest treasures as well as our unconscious fears, that may be steering our lives from hiding.

Lets focus on achieving wholeness – To find those parts of you that have been lost along the way of life experiences, to live in harmony with nature, draw power from it and e aware that we undergo the same processes as nature does.

We will be trying to reach those inner areas that have been forgotten about somewhere along the way, which often we’re not even aware of. We will find out why there are recurring events in our lives, what our emotions are trying to tell us, why we have trouble finishing certain things, what keeps us from being our true selves, living our lives to the fullest and experiencing it in all its shades and colors and why.

Is the path I chose in life aligned with my heart?

Am I happy with who I am?

Am I happy with the people around me?

Am I happy with what I’m doing?

Am I happy with the direction my life is taking?

Am I living life to the fullest?

What is the meaning of my life?

What is my purpose?

Where is the source of my power and how can I access it in every day life?

Where does depression, lack of motivation and susceptibility to stress come from?

What are the ways we can use our own potential?

How do I find my own way?

How to recognize what is holding us back and what do we do about it?

These are just some of the questions we will be finding the answers to during our workshop.

The wisdom we wish to share with you during our workshops will give you a perspective of insight of events past and present, it will elevate your awareness in many aspects of your life, give you a better feeling of the role you’re playing in the movie of life, and help you keep writing your script aligned with your highest intentions.

The goal of this workshop is to help you discover your own possibilities, to fully become the creator of your own life.

If you’d like to escape the “ enchanted circles“ of recurring problems, find your true potential and start living your life according to your own capabilities, this workshop is for You. It’s time to remind yourself who you really are.

-See your life history from a whole new perspective

-Discover and understand repetitive patterns

-Change the automated, habitual way of reacting to things

-Change the script your writing

-Find the career path that is most aligned with your heart

The workshop includes:

-Mayan Fire Ceremonies

-Mayan cosmology – the Mayan Calendar- lectures

-Cocoa ceremony

-Sacred tobacco and its use and Mayan traditions – lecture

-Sound ceremonies

-Dance, movement, improvisation

-Integral work with consciousness

-Musical ceremonies

-The Body as an instrument

-The Body, emotions, feelings

-Working with the Body – its consciousness and wisdom

-Meditation – different forms of active meditation (Including Osho’s dynamic meditation)

-Finding your inner joy, freedom, creativity

-Changing old patterns – Adjusting belief systems

-Working with sound and voice, the healing power of sounds

-Relaxation techniques

-Breath integration -conscious breathing, Relieving stress through breathing

We are what we eat and what we eat influences our body, our body influences our mind and our mind our body, conclusion: Vegan Soul food will be served by

our workshop chefs: Marcin Piniak and Krzysztof Olejnik

The workshop is led by:

Agnieszka Sypek-Piniak, psychotherapist, dance

and movement therapist, self-development and spiritual-development

coach, singer, dancer, performer, traveller.

She’s been conducting workshops and individual sessions in her course

Mystery of the Body and Spirit since 1997, in Poland and abroad. In

her work, she combines many different methods of working with the mind

and body, using various forms of creative expression, meditation,

shamanism and other tools and transformational techniques to unleash

the human potential.

She studies mankind’s sacred traditions, focusing primarily on the

indigenous shamanic traditions of the Americas and Siberia. She spent

many years understudying great healers and shamans, mainly in North,

Central and South America. Her mission is to inspire people to live in

harmony with themselves and the surrounding world, to respect all

living things and nature. She helps people discover their full

potential as multidimensional beings. She’s also a co-creator of many

spreading awareness projects.

“Based my work, exploration and experience over the past 27 years, as

well as my work with others, I’ve developed my own method which I call

the Mystery of the Body and Spirit. I share my knowledge in order to

help people unleash their true potential, I encourage them to live in

harmony, enjoy life in every aspect, to derive nature’s power and live

life to the fullest. My work is based mainly on intuition and

following the process.

I am inspired by classical trends as well as the shamanic way of

perceiving a human. I highly value   the wisdom of indigenous

cultures, mostly the ethnic tribes of South America. Over twenty years

of practicing meditation, mostly in Buddhist tradition, especially

Dzogchen, has greatly influenced the way I work today.”

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The workshop takes place in a village called Komorze, that lies in the Drawsko Landscape Park between Czaplinek and Szczecinek. The area is gorgeous. Just imagine you wake up with the sunlight, you open your eyes, you open the windows, and see beautiful hills that have been gently crafted by glaciers.

Workshop price: 

1890 PLN – bedroom (private bathroom in room) – advance payable by June 25th), after that: 200PLN extra

1840 PLN – bedroom (shared bathroom in the hall)- advance payable by June 25th), after that: 200PLN extra)

Your place is secured by paying a non-refundable advance payment in

the amount of 500 PLN.

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Agnieszka Sypek

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