Guatemaya – Journey to the Heart of the Mayan Knowledge – 12-22 th February 2018

Guatemaya – Journey to The Heart of The Mayan Knowledge
12 – 22 th February 2018

We would like to invite you for a journey into the Heart of Mayan Knowledge.
We will reach places where indigenous inhabitants still practice their ceremonies and prayers, upholding the spirit of the tradition passed from hundreds of thousands of years.
We will participate in a plenty of healing rituals such as:
Holy Fire ceremony, Cocoa ceremony, Tobacco ceremony, purifying Temazcal (Mayan sauna) combined with Mayan traditional massage. We will explore Mayan cosmology, visit the places of the Power of Iximche, along with local members of the Mayan Elders, who will share with us their knowledge left by their ancestors. An integral part of their wisdom is Mayan calendar.
We will celebrate Wayeb the last month of Mayan Haab calendar. Wayeb month is special because it last for only 5 days, and is considered a transition period, for the traditional Mayan world, it is a time of abstraction, introspection, reflection, meeting with our inner being…Wayeb is a period of resurgence and going through this period consciously is a work of awareness that will charge you for the whole year to come. The celebrations are filled with art, music, traditional food, mayan prayers, fire ceremonies and visits to sacred mayan powers spots by the Lake Atitlan.

We will meet in Guatemala City on 12h of February, then we will head out to Atitlan Lake, situated among volcanoes.

Tata Pedro Cruz will be our spiritual guide – one of the few surviving members of the Mayan Council of Elders Tz’utujil, which is a branch of the Mayan Qui-che. Our journey will be also guided by his daughter – Marina Cruz.

There is a schedule of the expedition, but depending on the situation, there might be slight changes if there are new oppurtunities ahead of us, which is a possible thing on a spiritual journey. If so, we will modify our plan so it can suit our travel companions best.

Guatemala is the heart of the Mayan world. Their culture and religion are fully involved in their lives. The Maya have a deep respect for nature, to Mother Earth and everything that has been created from it.
Almost at every step you meet the holy places, such as hills, volcanoes, lagoons, forests and caves. For the Maya volcanoes are particularly important, because they symbolizes the womb of Mother Earth. The lava that flows from them is the mother’s milk and brings life. Hills and mountains are also sacred. Mayan Cosmovision sees them as living beings. Such places have exceptional power, allowing you to communicate with the ancestors and guardians. Fire is a medium of communication present at every ceremony.

The healing Cocoa Ceremony is passed from generation to generation since the Great-Grandmother of Time Ixmucane. Accompanied by chants, meditation, playing musical instruments and deep inner work. For Mayan cocoa is a natural cure for soul – opens the door to deeper dimensions of their self knowledge and allows a gentle way to heal the heart and open mind.

Guatemala is a spontaneous expression of nature, which covers all aspects: very friendly climate, winding rivers with crystal clear water, magical Atitlan Lake, majestic volcanoes and extremely rich vegetation. There is only a few places in the world where the voice of nature speaks so clearly as here in the land of Hummingbird, Central America.

Guatemala is my second home 🙂 I’ve been accepted by tradition and initiated by the Mayan Elders as honorary guard of Fire and Day, which is a great honor for me.
I was always fascinated by the culture and knowledge of Maya and
since I can remember I always wanted to go to Guatemala.
I explore the Mayan calendar since 2001, which greatly accelerated
my journey to this unique country. When I first went there I was
delighted. People there live in a deep respect for nature, living
in a huge respect for each other and the communities in which they
live. Their understanding of life and its cycles is much different
from ours. Every day spent there is magic.
The vastness of the knowledge the Mayan elders share with us with
Papa Pedro Cruz ahead is really priceless. This introduces a lot of
understanding, love and joy. We begin to rediscovered a higher
meaning of life and our inner potential as a human beings. I
can’t help an impression that many people in Western society
very much miss for those feelings.
I was particularly impressed by the magical Atitlan Lake region
where I would like to warmly invite you. This is an exceptionally
beautiful place, boiling with ancient knowledge, full of sun,
colors, birds, flowers and fruits.
I am strongly convinced that it will be a very special time and I
believe that it is worth to give it yourself. We will relax,
explore knowledge, travel, admire, be together in a supportive
space, celebrate life, discover our true nature, dance, sing,
laugh, move and have fun 🙂
It will be a great pleasure to have this experiance with you,
Agnieszka Sypek – Piniak

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1500 USD

The cost of the trip includes:
comfortable accommodation
Nutritious vegetarian meals – breakfast and dinner
All materials needed for the Mayan Fire Ceremony
The Cocoa Ceremony
The Tobacco Ceremony and lecture on the sacred plant that is
Tamazcal (Mayan sauna)
Mayan massages
Care of The Mayan Elders Papa Pedro Cruz, Marina Cruz and other
members of the Elders
Entrances to the Ceremonial Sites
Workshops – The Mayan Cosmology
other workshops included
Therapeutic Care – Agnieszka Sypek Piniak

The cost of the trip does not include a flight ticket to Guatemala City and back and any other additional excursions not included in the program of the expedition, therefore anyone who wants to participate in our journey needs to purchase their on ticket to Guatemala, where we will meet on 12th of February

For more information please contact us:
Agnieszka :

Necessary deposit of $ 700
account number will be given after applying