Every person is able to connect with one’s inner wisdom and to transform on all life’s levels using one’s power of will and intention. My role is to support, create proper environment and watch the process going, which I am also a part of.

Workshops are dedicated to every person who wishes to integrate heart, mind, body and spirit. Thanks to the process that happens during the meeting one widens the consciousness, gets specific experience and knowledge on how to ntentionally influence oneself and how to intentionally shape one’s reality.

During the session I combine the work with body, mind and spirit. This method is a result of my entire life experience. Depending on the individual or group’s needs I use elements of psychology of the process, Gestalt, psychodrama, Body Mind, authentic movement, system constellations, coaching, bioenergetics by Lowen, work with voice and sound, including the intuitive singing, and many other tools and techniques of transformation and human potential awakening.

The workshop groups consist of over ten persons. The cloths should be loose allowing to move freely. I choose friendly environment for the workshops so that it supports the participants with its energy but I also make sure that the workshops are positively contributing to the place where they happen. We meet in different rooms in different cities, for longer workshops we go to nature which supports the process with its forces. I ensure delicious vegetarian meals. All of the above is meant to let the understanding, transformation and integration to happen in the best possible environment where one can focus on the process.

The formula of the workshops can be different: regular meetings, weekend sessions and week-long events.

The workshops are dedicated to every person, regardless abilities, health condition and age.