During the individual sessions we work in intimate ambience which allows us to focus fully on specific subject or area of your life in which you wish to introduce changes.

During the meeting I combine the work with body, mind and spirit. This is a result of my entire life experience. Depending on your needs I use elements of psychology of the process, Gestalt, psychodrama, Body Mind, authentic movement, bioenergetics by Lowen, work with voice and sound, including the intuitive singing, system constellations and many other tools and techniques of transformation and human potential awakening.

Diet advising

What works fine for one person can be harmful for another one. There is no one ideal diet for everyone because every one of us is different and has different needs.

Properly set diet has direct impact on our wellbeing and body vitality. Nourished and healthy body serves us well and radiates the energy regardless the circumstances.

The right diet does not mean mortifying oneself, rigid regime and resigning from any pleasant things. It is supposed to be a way of living which would positively influence our lives, not causing any additional stress.

The proper way of eating can help you get rid of many sufferings, i.e. obesity, permanent tiredness syndrome, depression, allergy, low immunity, constant feeling cold or hot, painful menstruation.

While diet advising I help to compose the right way of eating aligned with your health condition, age, silhouette type, way of living, season of the year and many other individual organism’s needs.