Firewalking is one of the most spectacular and effective ways to reach out for the inner power. It is an act of overcoming the fear that limits us and to realize that despite of the obstacles and fear we are still capable of picking up new challenges.

A person who goes through such experience convinces oneself to be capable of something which until now has been considered as impossible. One starts to believe that he or she can also overcome other difficulties, both in private and professional life.

Firewalking is not a miraculous thing however it requires overcoming some sort of resistance that lies deep in our minds. It is an act of victory over oneself and also a practice to increase the bioenergetics, it lifts the mood up and makes one feel light. In addition to that by touching the bare feet to the hot charcoal one stimulates the acupressure points.

The participants after the ritual feel much more vivid, they are in a great mood. The next day it happens that some small sufferings like cold disappear. Firewalking is then a motivational training as well as curing practice. It is recommended to do firewalking during the spring and autumn time when our bodies (immunity system) are a bit weaker.

In fact firewalking means walk on your bare feet on the approximately 2 meters long path made of red-hot charcoals (up to 600° C hot). In theory proteins in a human body coagulate in a temperature of 40°C. However the participants cross that border and walk bare feet on the fiery carpet, without any pain or damage to health.

Sometimes it happens that the small blisters appear on the feet. In such instances it is recommended to study the map of receptors on foot and getting to know which organ in your body was highly stimulated and has been charged by extra energy shot. Similar method is being used in China, using moxibustion to heat up the receptors.