Family Constellation – 27th-28th January London

Family Constellation – success, abundance, finances, relationships

(…) First, we must find our place in the family tree and understand that this tree is not a thing of the past: it is completely alive and present in each of us. This tree lives in me. I am this tree. I am all my family. When I go back to the past, I also enter into the past of my relatives and ancestors. We have no personal problems; they concern the whole family. There is a family subconscious. When we wake up ourselves, we will make our relatives wake up. We are light. When a tree appears on the tree, the whole tree rejoices (…)
Alejandro Jodorowsky

I cordially invite you to the familly constelalation workshop, where we will focus on the subject of success and abundance in private and professional life. We will explore the relationship with a sense of abundance and fulfillment, relations with each other, life and the world.
The relationship I have with myself affects all other relationships in my life, affects all spheres of life, work, finances, personal life, sex, partner relations etc.

Every one of us is closely connected with his or her family, parents, siblings and ancestors.
The history of our family has greater impact on our present life than we would think.
A family is a system or energetic field which is ruled by defined, primary laws. The most important principle in the system is the right for belonging. Every person belonging to the particular system has to have his/her own place acknowledged. If in the system something is hidden, denied or forgotten by the members of the family it does not disappear, but becomes “invisible” and remains in the system. Then the following generations in the family take over this energy in order to balance the system. Children and grandchildren are then entangled in the ancestors’ history, reflecting their attitudes, feelings and way of living.

The systemic constellations allow us to see these entanglements. Working in the systemic field allows us also to unlock the forces restoring the initial order and initiate changes within the system to recall balance in it. This process sets the family members free from systemic burden without removing the sense of closeness between individuals.

The workshops are dedicated to every person who wants to improve their life’s quality in many areas: interpersonal relationships, material matters, spiritual and emotional – job, finance, health, self-esteem, emotional challenges, etc.

During the workshops you will have the opportunity to both work with your own personal problem and to participate as an active observer/representative. Both are very intense and deeply transforming experiences, initializing the shift in your life’s quality .

Workshop will be led by:
Agnieszka Sypek Piniak – psychotherapist, personal development coach, dance and movement therapist, healer, shamanic practitioner, dancer, singer, performer, traveler.
Since 1997, Agnieszka runs her own proprietary workshops and individual sessions within the Mystery of the Body and Spirit in Poland and abroad. In her work she combines multiple methods of working with a body and mind, using various forms of creative expression, meditation, shamanism, and many other tools and techniques of transformation and awakening of human potential.
In her work she combines scientific approach with energy healing techniques. She is studying the sacred traditions of humanity focusing primarily on the shamanic traditions of the Indigenous cultures of the Americas. For many years she studied and practiced with experienced healers, medicine men/ women and shamans, mainly from South and North America, She inspires people to live in harmony with themselves and the surrounding world, to life in full compassion with all beings and nature. She helps them to discover their full potential as multidimensional beings. She co-creates educational projects aimed at raising the awareness.
She has been working with the Family Constelation since 1998
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The inspiration for my work comes from many methods of working with the body, voice and mind. I apply various forms of Art Therapy, Process Work, The Family Constellations and Shamanism. With 30 years of my own searching and experiencing and over 20 years of working with people I created my proprietary method that I called the Mystery of the Body and the Spirit. I share it with people helping them to discover their own potential; I encourage them to start to live in harmony with themselves and the surrounding world, to enjoy life in all its manifestations, to derive power from nature and live life to the fullest.

LIMITED SPACES! please book in advance
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Contributions :
£210 with its own setting
Advance payment reserves the place on the workshop
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date: 27th – 28th January 2018
hours : 10 am – 7pm

55Princes Gate, South Kensington
Londyn SW7 2PN