Every one of us is closely bound with his or her family, parents, siblings and ancestors.

The history of the family has greater impact on our present life than we would think.

The family is a system or energetic field which should be seen as a whole thing in which the defined, primary laws govern. The most important principle in the system is the right for belonging. Every person belonging to the particular system has to have his/her own place acknowledged. If in the system there is anything hidden, denied or forgotten by the members of the family it does not disappear, but “invisible” remains in the system. Then the following generations in the family take over this energy in order to balance the system. Children and grandchildren are then involved in the ancestors’ history, expressing their attitudes, feelings and way of living.

The system constellations allow us to see those involvements. They also let us unlock the forces which would bring back the initial order and start up the changes within the system to recall balance in it. This process sets the family members free from system burden without removing the sense of closeness between individuals.

The workshops are dedicated to every person who wants to improve one’s life quality in many areas: interpersonal relationships, material matters, spiritual and emotional – job, finance, health, self-esteem, emotional > troubles, etc.

During the workshops you will have the opportunity to both work with your own personal problem and to participate as an active observer/representative. Both are very intense and deeply transforming experiences, initializing the changes of your life’s quality.