“Our deepest fear does not source out of the fact that we are limited, but because we do have immense power within ourselves. What we fear the most is not our shadow but our inner light. We have been born to reveal the glory of the Creator through ourselves. By letting our inner light radiate outside we subconsciously allow people around us to do the same thing..”

Nelson Mandela

My work is a sort of a subtle dance with the abundance which every person carries within oneself. During over ten years of working with people I have developed my own method of working with a human being in which I combine rich psychological experience, work with the body and sound and other creative forms of expression. My work is based mainly on intuition and following the process.

I get inspired by both classical sources and shamanic way of seeing a human. I value the wisdom of indigenous cultures, especially ethnic tribes of South and North Americas, which I often visit. In addition to that over twenty years of practicing meditation, mostly in Buddhist tradition, especially Dzogchen, influenced the way I work today.

My mission is to inspire people to live in harmony with themselves and to live in full respect for any creature and nature. I am natural therapist and diet-therapist, adherent of vegetarianism, veganism and Five Changes theory.

Since 1998 I conduct workshops and individual sessions in the area of expressive therapies for adults and youth, trainings and integrating therapeutic sessions for companies and public sector institutions in Poland and abroad.